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Pigmentation Treatment

Pigments are made by cells called melanocytes which provide built-in sun-shade against ultraviolet radiation. Eumelanin is imparting shades of brown color to skin and hair. It exists as in the form of clusters and chains of molecules that can change shape, size and color intensity. Anti-pigmentation treatments ranging from normal traditional treatments to surgeries. Laser therapy is one of the methods for anti-pigmentation treatment. By the use of laser light it is possible to lighten age spots, liver spots and solar lentigines etc. Anti-pigment bleaches or fade creams are also working against pigments. The Pigmentation can avoid by, Avoid long time exposure to sunlight , Use of sunscreen lotions etc.

anti pigmentation treatment

Facial pigments are also called as melasma. The different types of melasma are :


Features are:
  • Well-defined border
  • Dark brown colour
  • Appears more obvious under black light
  • Responds well to treatment

Features are:

  • Light brown or bluish in colour
  • Unchanged under black light
  • Responds poorly to treatment

Features are:
  • The most common type
  • Combination of bluish, light and dark brown patches
  • Mixed pattern seen under black light
  • Partial improvement with treatment

M&M Beauty Clinic Provides pigmentation treatment in Kochi.

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