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Beauty care Treatment in Kerala are beautiful!!!

Make up is an art that makes you more beautiful!!!!!
Make up can provide help in increasing effects of beauty or confidence.
At M&M beauty Clinic,We offer various beauty care treatments



Get healthy,radiant skin with nourishing facials.A glowing complexion is the backbone of beauty confidence.We introducing special facial for you

Deep Clensing Facial

Deep clensing facial is recommended for clients those have oily skin,acne skin and uneven complexios.

Hydra facial

Hydra facial name is taken from the word "hydrate".This refreshing facial destroys the dead cells also extracts all impurities.Hydra facial is immediately effective and non-irritating.

Pigmentation Treatment


This is also known as anti pigmentation treatment.Anti pigmentation treatment is for skin pigmentation.Pigmentation makes dark skin.Usually it occurs chin,cheeks and forehead.


Waxing treatment is used for remove unwanted hair.And waxing  weaken growth of hair.We provide different types of waxing techniques.So you can select following option.

  •    Soft wax
  •    Hard wax and
  •    Cold wax

This beauty treatment is for your fingernails and hands.Manicure makes your hands more beautiful and reflects personal hygiene.Also it prevents nail damages and wrinkling of hand's skin.


This is a procedure to enhance the beauty appearance of your feet.It also includes nail beautifications.
Glow facial
Glow facial can apply on skin types.This refreshing facial is perfect for those searching freshness and radiance.It gives glowing effect on your face.

Whitening facial

This facial brightens skin complexion and get a clear and translucent radiant skin.

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    Skin Care TreatmentsWe believe it’s never too late or too early to begin taking care of your skin. Our cosmetological solutions have been developed keeping in mind the general needs of your skin as well as the various problems that could possibly affect it.