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Acne & Why It Is ?

Acne is a common cause among the people who are between age 12 to 25, also it  presents in younger and older people. The acne is commonly seen in face, but also it affects in back , neck and chest. Acne can be mild or severe.

Acne care

Sebum produced by the sebaceous gland,  which is lie under the skin surfaces keeps the skin smooth. It comes out through the small pores present in the skin. The production of the sebum increases during teenage due to the change in the hormone level. When more amount of sebum comes out from the skin pores that results acne on the skin. The amount of the production of sebum is different from person to person. There are some other reasons which cause acne rather than the above reasons. Polycystic ovary syndrome in females  is a reason for acne. The exposure of the chemical also results the same.

Acne removal

Skin Care Method For People With Acne
  • Use mild soap and do not scrub hardly when washing acne affected skin.
  • Black heads are actually skin pigment called melanin, it cannot remove through a scrubbing or cleaning.
  • Do not use oil rich creams.
  • Use antiseptic washes.

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