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Antipigmentation Treatment:Makes your dream colour

We know that skin tone plays an important role in our beauty confidence.So people use different types of beauty products like make up and creams to increase the skin tone.Pigmentation of skin is appears as darker in colour than normal.This type of darkening in colour of skin occurs due to excess secretion of melanin in our body.Commonly the melanin deposits in the areas of skin like face which includes forehead,cheeks.In some other areas are hands and necks.Pigmentation is physically a harmless one but it is mentally harmful who have the pigmentation problem.

The reasons behind skin pigmentation are

  • Frequently exposed to sun.
  • when the skin starts to age.
  • Certain hormonal factors activate the production of melanin.
  • Genetic factors are also responsible for pigmentation
  • The medications such as anti-depressants increase photosensitivity of the skin and leads to deposition of melanin.

Different types of Pigmentation:
  • Age spots,if they are sharply, round, brown or black, flat patches of skin.
  • Melasma are large areas of dark skin and appears due to hormonal changes.
  • Anyone who have freckles and genetics are responsible for pigmentation.
  • Sun damages the skin causes pigmentation.

Treatments for pigmentation
  • Microdermabrasion
Microdermabrasion in this treatment a hand-held instrument is used to blow crystals onto the skin. Common crystals used in this are like aluminium,zinc oxide. Aluminium oxide is safest choice for treatment by most professionals.These crystals gently polish your skin's surface after that a vacuum tube removes the crystals and skin cells. when the surface cells are removed,the skin never damaged. Here treatment requires a few sessions.
  • Chemical peels
The advantages deep skin peel are:
  • It is Very effective in all types of dark patches or pigmentations areas of skin.
  • It is rapid and easy anti-pigmentation action can use with all skin types
  • Gives light peeling effect in skin
  • Rejuvenates the skin surface
  • Treatment can be used yearly
  • Good one for acne patients
  • It does not contain TCA
  • Ensures high safety margin
  • Getting brighter and more even skin complexion in only weeks.

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