Friday, 22 November 2013

Get Youthful Skin From a Facial Mask !!

Facials are a great way to keep your skin glowing, and primarily a way to improve the look of your skin. Facial is one of the popular spa services which have a wide range of variety in pattern. 

People often have this service without knowing that which one will suit him/her. Every facial has its own benefits over different skin type and skin problems. Each person who gets a facial has his or her own reasons for doing so, including:

  •     Clean the skin and pores
  •     Improving skin that is either too dry or too oily
  •     rejuvenating skin that has begun to look old or wrinkled
  •     For relax and de-stress


Exfoliation is the process in which the dead cells, which dulls the skin are removed to reveal newer cells underneath. Exfoliant means that you have to do the work. These exfoliants include facial brushes, sponges, and facial scrubs.

Extraction which can be a little uncomfortable. Extractions are usually followed by a relaxing. An extraction is the process of clearing a clogged or compacted pore by manual or mechanical means.

Stroking massage, which stimulates the blood flow and circulation to the face muscles. Facial Massage can relieve tension, reduce pain and rejuvenate the face.

A facial mask is a mask full of cream or a special type of paper containing skin nutrients that is applied onto the face.

Moisturizers are complex mixtures of chemical agents specially designed to make the external layers of the skin (epidermis) softer and more pliable.

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